Being reviewed for a medical condition

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Hello Reddit,

I’m being reviewed medically for a condition called JHS, which basically is a problem with my joints that cause them to pop/ache/have pressure or pain when exercising in excess (heavy weights, running, etc).

My PCM gave me a second waiver for tomorrow that only lets me do sit-ups and for them to check my waist. She told me that I would have to see the Dog/she’d recommend my case to the Dog.

The reason why I’m posting this is because no one in my family is military and I don’t know what happens after this. I’ve been told from work that they’ll review my case and ask what I want and if I want to get kicked then it’ll basically happen.

As far as what I want I joined the military because I was homeless and needed an out from where I was. Sitting at my job (which is actually quite great) for 12 hours and not being able to leave does effect my condition and puts more pressure on certain joints such as knees or wrists as I don’t get to more around as much.

From what I’m understanding I can either tough it out and hope my condition doesn’t get worse for when I leave the military in five years, or if I leave now I may get a % of my pay as the condition worsened through basic training’s PT, and I could use the benefits to go back to school as I started at 15. Does anyone know anything else, have any advice, or could recommend anything that I should do?

Thanks in advance.

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