Issues with military medical

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Hello r/Military. I am an active duty sailor with a little over four years of service currently stationed in the Norfolk, VA area and I’m looking for some advice dealing with military medical.

I have been failing the monthly examinations for my job and am currently struggling in some of my college courses. I failed out of college my first go round, which is why I ended up in the military and I am nervous that I could be on track to do the same again because I can’t seem to focus when studying.

After my wife mentioned me possibly having ADHD I decided to try to seek treatment for it from my PCM, but I was quickly told (about ten minutes informal interview) I didn’t seem to have ADHD but that I breathed weird so it was probably anxiety. I was recommended to try breathing treatments and sent on my way.

I wasn’t happy with this because I don’t feel that I have anxiety whatsoever, so went out of pocket to a civilian psychologist at a learning center and was tested and told that I have ADHD and that I should seek treatment.

How do I as a lower enlisted approach medical and tell them I think I was misdiagnosed and that I want to be treated for what I believe is wrong with me? Any advice from someone who has been in a similar situation would be greatly appreciated.

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