Are churches allowed to proselytize in the barracks/on base?

Real men carry a blade!

Kind of wondering, I didn’t really mind except some Church is trying to get people to go to their event by representing the sermon as some sort of community play (the flier doesn’t have any hint whatsoever, I just googled the address and dug up that the building was part of a church). They have people walking around the barracks trying to hand out the flyers.

I wouldn’t really care it they were just like “hey do you want to check out our church” but since they want to try and be clever I’m wondering if they’re even allowed to be here. I even asked them what the play was about and why it was free and they were dancing around any connection with it being a church at all to pretty comical levels.

As they’re trying to attract people by being dishonest, I’d like to see them gone if they’re not supposed to be here.

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better than steroids

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