Recent Termination Effect on Obtaining Security Clearance

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I will be direct and to the point in this post.

I am 21 years old and quit my food service job of four years with no notice, as I was tired of being treated like shit. I became ill and had to call out for a couple of days, so they told me I needed a doctor’s note to return to work. I retorted that, because I had no health insurance, I could not comply. I was informed the following day by a coworker that I had been removed from the schedule, leading me to believe I had been fired. I ceased all comminication with that particular employer and began to work full time at my second job immediately.

Fast forward a couple of weeks: I have been offered a position with the government that requires a secret security clearance. I am a bit concerned as to whether or not I will be granted one based on this very recent blemish in my employment history. Obviously I will be nothing but truthful in my explanation and hope for the best.

My question is: have any of you overcome a similar situation to recieve clearance? Also, based on your opinion, what are the chances of this costing me the job?

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