Climate of Today’s Military(United States)

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So, I just wanted to ask and see if I could gauge what the typical climate of the military world is like today compared to what it was, let’s say, just 10+ years ago within the US. I’m currently an E-4, and been in for 6 years this July, and I have to say, from BCT to AIT, to my current unit, things have gotten, dare I say, a bit too political in the military world.

My dad has told me stories of when he went to boot camp, and I’ve gotta say, they are DRASTICALLY different from what I experienced, and they’re different now, just after 4 years of myself getting out of BCT and AIT.

What has changed for the better? For the worse? What all do you think should have been introduced sooner in the military, and what do you think has absolutely no reason to even be in the military environment?

I have my own opinions, and anyone is welcome to post, wether you’re part of the US military or part of another country’s, any input is appreciated. I am just curious to see how times have changed in an aspect of the world that really shouldn’t change too much.

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