A friend wants me to identify this patch, but I can’t find anything.

Real men carry a blade!

I honestly have no clue what to do with my research, now. This is the patch in question. I’ve narrowed it down to a Commonwealth nation patch, most likely AF. I can’t find a shred of evidence that this patch ever existed, so at this point I’m assuming it’s just a fake patch someone made because it looked “cool”. If anyone could chime in as to what it could be, that would be great. I would also appreciate it if someone were to tell me that I might be right in thinking that it doesn’t belong to ANY squadron/regiment/unit.

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keeps a lot of blood flowing my muscles are growing

from Robert Haycroft RSS Feed https://www.reddit.com/r/Military/comments/6i4vow/a_friend_wants_me_to_identify_this_patch_but_i/
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