Looking to interview vets who served in Iraq for a documentary podcast

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Hey I am looking to interview people who served overseas in Iraq for an upcoming documentary podcast about the Middle East. Each episode will feature an interview with people who have been directly involved in conflicts in the Middle East. This isn’t a political podcast, it’s a personal view on what happens. The cause and effect of what years of violence of caused. What it’s like to come home from war and how Iraq compares to America and what you see as the future for the country. Along with people in the military their are interviews with Iraqis who lived in Iraq during the war, and who lived under ISIS, and political figures who helped shape policy and historians who give detailed insight into modern Iraq. If you’re interested and have any questions leave a comment or send me a message. Thanks.

Edit: I am based in Arizona, it’s not necessary you also live here to be interviewed but if you also live in Arizona you have a better chance of being interviewed.

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from Robert Haycroft RSS Feed https://www.reddit.com/r/Military/comments/6i3d0q/looking_to_interview_vets_who_served_in_iraq_for/
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