May be medically discharged at 19

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I’ve been in the military since FEB of 2016. Right now I have a condition called JHS which affects my joints causing them to pop/ache and the condition has gotten worse over time since basic training. I work in an office on shifts 12 hours at a time which puts pressure on my joints as I don’t get to leave or get out as much and makes it a lot harder to schedule physical therapy with my PCM as I sleep during duty hours.

When my new PCM learned of the condition she gave me a new waiver for my joints so that I only would be targeted for my waist and sit-ups for my last PT test.

I’m posting this as I’ve only been in the military for just more than a year and I want to weight the pro’s and con’s of whether I want to fight to stay in or leave.

I joined because of an emergency and the military has been great and I’m really grateful to have my job and the securities and benefits that comes with the military. However, I’m concerned with my future as I started college at 15 and it’s very hard to get into classes with my duties and the affect working these long shifts without therapy will do to my joints over time as they have gotten worse.

I understand that if I fight to stay in I have a secure job with the benefits, the pay, being able to stay on base, and to try and go to therapy when time permits.

I’m wondering what happens if I consider discharge when I have to talk to the “Dog” or the Med Board. I want to continue school and if I can use the 9/11 bill to do school and focus on therapy or go home closer to contacts that support me and could possibly find a solution for me if it would be more beneficial. I don’t know how to contact my PCM during non duty hours (and if anyone knows a way that’d be a great help), or if anyone has any information about the benefits of being medically discharged or the effect it has on the 9/11 bill.


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