How can I best support you guys and my country, without being in the military?

if you mess with me you are going to get stuck and you won’t even see it coming

Over the past four years, I have graduated from college and initiated the application process for OCS/OTS. I’ve done everything I possibly could to be a competitive applicant. I was a division one college athlete, I focused on my academics, I studied hard and scored really well on the ASTB-E/AFOQT. I scoured the web, air, spent God knows how many hours reading forums (sometimes in lieu of other more pressing obligations like homework and midterms). I came to the recruiters office prepared and eager to learn and ultimately to serve. I got LASIK done years ago, and had a tattoo removed just out of an abundance of caution. I’ve wanted to be apart of this community so badly that it keeps me awake at night, but unfortunately I may have to find other ways to serve my country.

My medical history is damn near perfect aside from one surgery. And it may just keep me from from ever serving my country in the capacity that I always dreamed of. Long story short, I have two clean bills of health from two separate specialists, but as I have learned the military doesn’t like a “history” of anything; especially from a prospective candidate. Nothing invested in me so why bother? A decision I may have to take time to understand, but will inevitably have to accept if all my options expire.

Sob story aside, I’ve heard the “serve your country another way” line thrown at me ad nauseam. I sheepishly admit that although I don’t disagree, when you get that line thrown in your face as a peace-offering right after someone tells you it is very unlikely your dreams will come true, it almost feels like defeat and surrender to agree with them. I don’t want to have to find some tangential path to serve my country but the further I continue down this application process the more I realize it may be an inevitable reality. I know there are the three letter agencies, but to be honest I haven’t looked into any other avenues. I would like to be involved with the military in some way.

I apologize if this is in the wrong place. Never figured I’d be one of those guys forever on the outside looking in, but thank you all for what you do. I grew up very sports oriented, and the idea of being apart of a team has always intrigued me. I’m a schmuck for all the service commercials depicting the brotherhood and camaraderie.

I guess what I’m asking is, “What kind of equipment manager, ball boy, towel guy, water boy jobs are out there to help your guys/gals’ days go just a little bit better” in the civilian world? How can I make a difference in your day?

Thank you.

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