Had a question about serving again and if it was possible??

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So I went into the Navy after high school in 2009. I was an RP (green side) and served for about 5-6 months before I had a general discharge classified under erroneous enlistment (entry level separation) with an re-4 code.

The reason was due to sleep walking and night terrors that I would subconsciously act out during sleep, they said this was a huge liability. It was reported by a roommate.

It’s been a good while since my separation and I will be graduating college in December. I have a lot of good opportunities but I still want to serve again.

Is it possible and what should I do if I want to join the Coast Guard? I’ve remained on the swim team and have done a lot of lifeguarding for me to realize that being a rescue swimmer is something I can physically and mentally do.

Could I go in a different route since I would now have a degree?

Just curious and thought I would ask. I felt like such a fuck up and a failure for all I wanted to do was serve and help people and I managed to fuck it up. I’m so dissapointed and feel like I never served.

I just want to help people, I guess worst case scenario is I can buy my own boat and just start rescuing people haha.

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