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I had been going back and forth between the two for the better part of the past 20-years. USAA had been great until the last few months. I ran into some financial hardships after retiring from the Navy and going to college. I had fallen behind on my car payments so I called USAA to arrange payments, which I did. I made a mid-month payment to prevent repo. Well, I guess they never took my car off the list so it was repossessed anyway. Not sure I’ve ever been so mad in my life. The thing was, I had begun to recover financially so making payments was no longer an issue. So I pay the $1700 to get my car back and proceed to close every USAA account I had accumulated over the past 15 or so years. I moved all my accounts back into my Navy Fed account. I wanted to write this post because the entire experience I had with USAA was incredibly bad and to make matters worse, they claim to be a “military” friendly bank. It’s total bullshit. I even asked an account manager from USAA “what do you actually do for military/veterans that no other bank can do?” All she could say is “well, we have membership!” So, all USAA offers is a pretty smile and a membership. I’m not advertising for NFCU but they have been far more willing to actually help military/vets than USAA. As a vet I’m always skeptical of businesses that “cater” to military/vets, more often than not they are simply preying on the community, I think USAA is definitely one of them at this point.

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