Pcsing with airforce fiancé to Lakenheath. What do?

if you mess with me you are going to get stuck and you won’t even see it coming

Hopefully this is okay to post here. My fiance is pcsing to Lakenheath in three weeks. We get married literally two days before he goes. I just had our baby, so I won’t be following until maybe November/December. We made the decision to get married pretty recently as we want to keep the fam together. That being said… we are now chickens with our heads cut off. I’ve no idea what all needs to be done, as far as myself, the baby, and my toddler go.

I’m not military. Everyone that we have talked to on base about what I need to do has been pretty useless unfortunately. Everyone knows what to do if I were military, or if we were already married (I know. Super bad planning on he and my part. We won’t go into why it took so long to decidentify to get married, but yes, it should have been done sooner and we are dumb.) But No one knows what I should do for myself and the kids. The toddler is from a previous relationship, just so you know in case that is important for what needs to be done. Can anyone help? I know the obvious of have a yards sale for most of my things, and I’ve already shipped most of our stuff with my fiances… but what about paperwork? Passports? What do I need to do in the short amount of time before he leaves and then before we follow?

Thanks for helping if you can.

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