The story of how ROKA adopted PowerPoint.

Real men carry a blade!

So, this is a translation from an apocryphal TodayHumor (Korean community website) post doing rounds on the Internet about how a tech-savvy PFC may have introduced advanced PowerPoint slides to a 1st ROK Army to much amazement of general officers, and hence to the entire Army, at a staff meeting in ’98.

‘In 1998 (as a Korean-American who wanted to retain dual citizenship), I returned to Korea from the US and enlisted as a conscript.

Working at G-3, all of my senior conscripts had done their time and moved to the Reserve Army, so I was pretty much the PFCIC for preparing staff meeting presentations. The major who was the G-3 OIC for the 36th Division (knew I was good with tech) wanted me to make a presentation with animated unit movements for OP 5027.

The computer was slow as shit, but I managed to animate all the units moving IAW the OP on the background map, engaging enemy forces moving down the Yeongdong Highway.

Believe it or not, back then, very few people knew how to even make PowerPoint slides.

My presentation would have far reaching effects. At the division staff meeting, the CG was impressed, the OIC lauded, and the regiment CO pleased also. The other regimental commanders were pissed off because their presentations were weak in comparison, and not very 1998.

Over the next three weeks, almost all of the battalion and regiment level units in the division started sending people over to learn how to do PowerPoint slides. Eventually I started getting people from 1st Army, and even the Air Force.

I got five days of leave as a reward, but I now realize that I may have introduced PowerPoint slides to staff meetings in a significant portion of the ROK Army.

Enlisted staff clerks – I am truly sorry. I deserve to be stoned.’

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