Does anyone know of a “MOS Equivalency Chart” between services? Trying to recruit veterans for civilian jobs.

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Veteran here looking to help company hire more veterans. I am looking to find an “equivalency chart”. Something with all 4 (5) services at the top and MOS equivalents for all the services. Something like: USMC: 0621 (Field Radio Operator) Army: 25C (Radio Operator-Maintainer) Air Force: 29333 (Radio Operator) Navy: XXXX (Radioman) Coast Guard: XXXXX (Radioman)

Does anyone know of a good source for this? I’m looking for a bunch of different MOS’s.

Also, the USMC Called them MOS’s, what do the other services call it?

The only thing I’ve found is from 1993 and it is beyond out of date.

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