it’s not a knife it’s a tactical flashlight

I leave for boot camp in about 2 months for the army, my left elbow gives me a fair amount of pain when doing allot of push ups, I was in weight lifting at my school for years and my senior year i enlisted in the army, I started training double what I was already training witch was already a good but mostly just a ton of push ups and sit ups and running in the morning, In weightlifting and at night every night and was going too gym twice a day, it never gave me trouble, but out of no where right before school got out it started killing me when I would work out, I took a break from my work puts for the last month and am currently getting into my old work out plan, it’s not been terrible yet but I haven’t been doing a ton of push ups, do you think il be fine for basic ?? Has anyone else had this problem ( I’m shipping regardless just looking for advice on my situation and what too expect at basic ) thanks for any help and God bless

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illegal steroids

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