At any point in your career, have you ever been in a unit that was field testing new technology (uniforms, weapons, computers, whatever) before it went to the fleet?

it’s not a knife it’s a tactical flashlight

The closest I came to this was at Las Pulgas with 11th marines when BAE brought 3 M777s to the main parade deck to show off to us. This (at the time) was the lead candidate (it won) to replace the M198 – which was heavy as shit. I have never heard Marines bitch and moan more (and this is from a unit who went to CAX at 29 stumps seemingly ever year) over a new weapon upgrade. You would’ve thought that these jarheads were getting chinese made crayons instead of American made goodness or that the chow hall was replacing their shit with double shit and adding shit sprinkles on top.

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illegal steroids

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