Prior service look for some life advice..

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Sorry if this is a bit long but I’m truly seeking some guidance.

Ive been out of the military (in for 4) for right under two years, and I feel like coming back. I’m having a decent living now, but never living up to my full potential as I used to be. Just recently due to some plans that went South Im back at living with my parents and going to school. Even though Im going to college, I feel aimless and without a purpose. I was set to becoming an officer in the Navy, but due to time constrains I decided to get out and become an officer from the civilian side instead as it seemed like a better idea at the time being. Now due to my age (27) my options are closing fast. I was going from branch to branch seeing which would be best for my career.

  • The Air Force

I ended up initially qualifying for the AFRTOC, but due to my age, I needed to get a decently high score in the AFOQT which I didn’t by a long shot, now I only have one more chance to re-take it. Additionally I was talking to an AF reserve recruiter in order to maintain my military affiliation current and get some benefits such as health care and training. The reserves gave me a huge run around, so I forgot about it and kept going to school.

  • The USMC

Its been a long forgotten dream of mine to be a marine, I didn’t initially because of my ex wife. Now that Im single with no dependents, no house, fit, just 1 car and 3 duffel bags I thought to myself that this could be the time to do it. I just went to a recruiter to get some info and was told about the PLC and MECEP program. I was told being a reservist and in the PLC would the best option for me. I thought very hard about this and decided to go with it, and was very excited to. Unfortunately the recruiter forgot about some rules due to my prior service status and due to that I got to wait for another 2 months before I can start the real process again. Considering my status, I was recommend to go the MECEP route as an active duty marine, which I believe I can truly do since I consider myself very well organized and motivated due to taking my commissioning goal very seriously. But I wanted to get other opinions on this. I went on to talk to three different recruiters around my area and all said the same thing at the end.

I dont know what to do honestly, I hate the situation I’m in now, the current area I live in is bad, my friends are downers, I got no motivational sources at all…. but I also dont want to make decisions I regret later on. I would love to be in the military again and push myself harder as motivation was easy to find there.

Some basic info: 27 years old (soon 28) RE-R1 College freshman

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