Question about switching branches.

if you mess with me you are going to get stuck and you won’t even see it coming

So a quick little background about my situation.

A few years ago I enlisted in the DEP program with Marines and never endes up shipping due to some personal family matters. After I left I went to college but I’m just not motivated to finish. I needes a waiver for astigmatism to join.

Fast forward in till now and I’ve been working with the Army recruiter and got up all the way to the physical before they told me I needed a waiver for my astigmatisms again. I still need to go to my consult date for them to check my astigmatism, but I want to go to the Marines instead of the Army now. Ive talked to a Marine recruiter and he said he’d be willing to work with me, but that I should go through my consult with the Army then comeback to them. Will my situation hurt me with me trying to get back to the Marines?

Any response would be greatly appreciated.

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