/r/military going forward and we want your thoughts

you can buy weapons online you just have to call them something else

After last weeks shit show we a mod team said we would be communicating with everyone soon on /r/military. I apologize it took so long but we wanted to make sure that we had a good plan in place and life outside of the internet tends to get in the way.

So what are you doing?

Great question! We have some ideas, but the community is not just for us mods. I’ve included a link for a survey below where we’d like to get your feedback. The survey does not mean that we will be enforcing anything in there, but is more for a feel of the community. The survey is eight questions and is anonymous. We will let his run for maybe a week or two depending how the results go. Once we have time to review the results we will share the results with you all.

For those that believe we’re paid shills and the results will be skewed or lies. Well I don’t know what we can say to change your mind except this.


Click here.

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