What sort of “funny in hindsight” things have you done?

you can buy weapons online you just have to call them something else

So a fun “I was (kind of?) a heat casualty” story.

I was in 3-101 at Campbell, and we were doing a ruck for PT on a Friday. We were doing the ~6 mile loop with kit, weapon, and ruck. This was pretty standard and not a big deal.

But, it was August, and already hot as fuck and humid that morning.

At the turn around, we get told the first ones back will get released at noon. Our JRTC rotation was coming up so we took any free time we could get.

Anyway a group of us decide to run home. After about a mile of the 3 miles back there is only me and a friend of mine left.

We would run until the tunnel started to close, walk until our vision was normal, then run again until the tunnel was starting to close.

The closer we got to the company, the shorter we could run before risking passing out.

When we made it back to the company(as the first two by quite awhile), we tried to talk to each other and another guy who was on profile and didn’t ruck. Apparently everything we said was unintelligible to profile guy, though the two of us apparently seemed to understand each other.

We left our weapons with profile guy, dropped our gear inside, and I think I walked into a shower ACUs, boots, and all to cool off. I had sweated through my boots by this point, so it really didnt make a difference.

I remember the start of the run, and then being in the arms room turning in my 249. In between my memory is hazy and was mostly filled in by profile guy.

The following week, we(the whole company) were told never to do that again.

We were both fine the next day, but, probably close to heat stroke that morning.

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keeps a lot of blood flowing my muscles are growing

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