Pretty cool story, at least I think so…

Real men carry a blade!

I’ll keep it brief as this isn’t super interesting but someone may like it. My dad was a Marine and retired as a Major before I was born, and still works as a government contractor, working closely with Marine air units, SOCOM, etc for flight stuff. One of his best friends, with whom he’s worked for as long as I can remember, is a Vietnam vet, a Marine who was a Huey pilot in Vietnam. A few weeks ago, on a base, the two were in a Huey (not sure what variant the Marines use today but it was the most recent variant) with a pilot who was giving them specs, briefing them on everything there was to know about the aircraft. My dad’s friend was up front with her (they were on the ground and engines were off, etc) and she took over an hour of her time showing this old dude the ins and outs of the descendant of what he flew almost a half century ago, and he was obviously more than elated to have this experience. I just think it’s so awesome that members of our military will go so out of their way just to be kind to someone like she did.

Thank you, Marine.

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better than steroids

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