Stupid video game VS reality question: Running out of ammo.

it’s not a knife it’s a tactical flashlight

Ok, before I begin, please understand I am 100% aware that real military is NOTHING like video games. Video games are fake and designed to give players entertainment and a high while playing them. Real military is a calling and a job that involves real people, real tactics, and is both more dangerous yet still less exciting at times than games. Please know that I completely respect those in the military, having vets in my family, and I know that real life decisions are different.

Now, having just beat Modern Warfare 2 (totally a realistic depiction of the military. /s) what my question is: what do you do in real life if you run out of ammunition? I know in the games, you drop your weapon and pick up the closest one to you. That does drive me nuts, since I like to keep the weapon my character was assigned from his base, and I HATE getting rid of my pistol and having an empty holster. But what would really happen if you run out?

My family has never actually been in combat, so they can’t give an answer, and also they were in the Air Force and Navy. I’m assuming common sense would kick in and you would grab anything that can shoot back, but would you still hold onto your assigned weapon? Or would you just completely drop it? I feel like the military would frown upon leaving an expensive gun on a battlefield, but 90% they cannot control that. So what would really happen?

Again, I know games are fake. I was just curious. I want to be a police officer, and I know real police cannot go all John Woo by flipping and firing two guns at once. But I wanted to see what the games get right and what they get wrong.

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better than steroids

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