E-4 avionics tech in the navy confused on whether I should re enlist or not.

it’s not a knife it’s a tactical flashlight

So, I joined the navy in 14 and was single at the time. I got stationed at a command and hit my first deployment last year, I was pretty well respected as an airman, being the workhorse and by far the most knowledgeable airman in my shop. I picked up third class, which was great. But ended up getting captains masted for showing up to duty section muster hungover.

I’ve recovered and bounced back very nicely, being a third class supervisor and flex shift supervisor (they put me where they need me) and at a time when no one in my shop was getting quals, I stepped up and got them and became a third class supervisor. My leader ship in my shop is horrible, hes constantly getting angry and honestly just a horrible LPO. Also, one of our supervisors is leaving which leaves me and a second class as the only supervisors. And we keep getting people from other platforms which makes it hard for them to get CDI.

I’m extremely knowledgeable in my rate, give me a gripe, I’m going to fix it. Now, to my confusion on re enlisting…

I just don’t know. My wife is pregnant and she is due while I’m going to be on a detachment. And then I’m scheduled for a deployment next year. And I completely hate what I do in the military. I don’t want to do another deployment but I’m sincerely scared about job security if I were to get out. I don’t want to miss important milestones in my child’s life. I’m up for shore duty after my deployment but I just don’t want to do another deployment. I don’t think I could handle it. At the end of my last deployment it was getting bad for me. I was losing sleep, my motivation completely went down, I just know that it would be bad for me, coupled along with missing my wife and my baby.

I guess I’m just asking for advice, if anyone’s been in this scenario. advice from people who have stayed in, how the dealt with it, or people that got out, found jobs and everything after that point.

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better than steroids

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