Got a quick question

Real men carry a blade!

I am going to join the U.S military and have a couple of questions that only you guys can answer.

Quick info about me: Zero health issues, took the PiCAT ASVAB and got an 85. Never had any issues with the law and have zero citations. Been dating the same girl for three years and not planning on getting married til my 30s. Great physical shape. 25k of student loans after my degree. I am looking for as close as to 9-5 office job in the military as possible. Trying not to go out and kill/be killed. U.S. Citizen, 21 years old.

I am mainly joining for the experience and the G.I Bill afterwards in order to get my masters. I will be graduating with my bachelor’s in a year and am starting a delayed entry program right now. Tried Air-Force OTS and my board got cancelled, not waiting a year after graduation to try OTS all over again.

I understand that I should not buy a car, use my money wisely and invest. Save for retirement and etc. Eat from the cafeteria and not go out every night partying. Here are my questions;

My goals are to pay off my 25k in student loans (all federal) and keep on growing as much as possible as a person.

What would my expenses be in the military besides entertainment money?

I am focused on joining the Air-Force then the Navy, and Army as a last resort. What tears me apart is that the Air-Force offers a good quality of life for 4 years while I can sign a 3-year contract with the Army and get a 25k bonus (before 25% tax) and get to my goal of getting masters sooner. How much worse does the Army treats its employees over the Air-Force? ( I grew up and live in a trailer park, and don’t need a 5-star hotel to be happy)

Finally, since I know Russian fluently and its one of the critical languages, do I get extra pay only if my job involves me using the language, or how does it work?

Thank ya’ll sexy bastards in advance. 🙂

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keeps a lot of blood flowing my muscles are growing

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