USERRA violation reporting?

if you mess with me you are going to get stuck and you won’t even see it coming

Hey all, I need a bit of help right now since nobody at work is willing to work with me. I leave for AT this Friday and I’ve been trying to contact my HR since May about differential pay while I’m gone. The company I work for allows up to 4 weeks of differential pay while away on AT. This means that I will received my full pay while I’m away for training, as written in the company policy. HR has been ducking and dodging my calls and emails. Management’s only advice is, “Keep calling HR.” Union rep says the same thing, “Keep calling HR.” I’ve left countless voice mails, emails, and CC’d department directors as well with no avail. I’ve talked to my command about it and they just keep suggesting to report a USERRA violation.

2 months and this shit has gotten nowhere. I’m at my wit’s end with this company. Is this a USERRA issue?

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