Veteran looking for medical advice

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Short background info: 23 years old, 100% disabled for various joint issues, live in Texas with both VocRehab for current schooling and the choice program for medical. Also married to an active duty Air Force officer so I have TriCare Prime.

Symptoms: 2-3 months ago my knees suddenly became full of pain presumably due to Powerlifting in the gym. Since then I’ve discontinued any leg exercise in hopes of recovery. They do not hurt when bending if I’m lying down/sitting but are in extreme pain (9/10) if I am bearing weight on them AND bending them. The pain is sharp and about an inch above my knees on the insides of my legs. This makes walking, going up/down stairs, and getting in and out of my vehicle extremely painful. It’s impossible for me to push through the pain. They do not hurt to the touch, there is no swelling, or additional heat/lack of heat.

What I’ve done: First thing I did was go to an urgent care center, I cleared it with TriCare. They told me they would like to send me to orthopedics and get an MRI but TriCare doesn’t cover referrals from those urgent care centers, only PCMs.

My wife saw me struggling with walking and forced me to call the TriCare “nurse hotline” (useless), the nurse recommended I go to an urgent care center again so I went. I explained to my wife that it would just be the same thing all over again but she’s stubborn and worried. Obviously the same thing happened again, TriCare doesn’t cover referrals from those centers but this time they gave me Meloxicam (NSAID like Motrin). Didn’t do much so I decided to wait for my appointments.

Shortly after my injury I scheduled an appointment with both the VA and TriCare. Both appointments had me waiting over a month but I was happy to at least have the ball rolling. The VA Doc wasn’t sure what it was and wrote me some Naproxen (Aleve), I told him I’d like to have an MRI and physical therapy if necessary.

The process to receive a call about my referrals took over a week. To try and speed up the process I went to the local VA clinic and they said they couldn’t speed it up because all of their paperwork has to go through the big VA hospital I had gone to previously. I only ever got a call for physical therapy so I waited and went, asked if they had an MRI machine and they said no. The physical therapist believed that my hips locked up in some weird way that put pressure on a nerve and basically suggested chiropractic exercises to “pop my hips back into place”. My hips are displaced due to service and I made sure she was aware of that. Still bothered about my lack of MRI so I just waited until the TriCare appointment.

The TriCare doctor believed that it was a quad strain. He refused to send me somewhere where they could give me an MRI because he said it was too expensive and that all it would come back with is that I had a quad strain and then referred me to physical therapy again. This only made me want an MRI more now that I’ve been diagnosed with two separate things.

I’m stuck now, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do and am looking for any advice. All I want is an MRI so I can receive a true diagnosis not just physical therapy and NSAIDs.

Thank you. I apologize for the wall of text.

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