Bunch of Guys who are the real deal!

you can buy weapons online you just have to call them something else

I’m a Vietnam Vet. I am also a retired pharmacist and now live in a huge retirement village in Central Florida. Last Saturday, a friend and I were walking into a local restaurant for breakfast. Three guys and their wives were walking in behind us and I noticed they were all wearing some pretty cool ball caps with military stuff on it. Turns out the first guy was a Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant who had served multiple tours in Nam. He introduced me to his army buddy who was a Green Beret, and then he introduced the 3rd guy as just a navy guy. Turns out he was a seal. Pretty cool bunch of guys all in one place. All were about my age (69 yrs old) and all still looked in real good shape. Very cool!

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keeps a lot of blood flowing my muscles are growing

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