Hi Redditors can you help me identify these British Military medals?

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My partner’s grandfather died last year and unfortunately his war medals are lost to our side of the family. The loss of the medals hit her uncles and mum very hard so I identified them from some photos and bought replicas of his medals and did up a little framed picture of these for each of them. I wanted to take it a step further for my partner and our daughter and also identify the medals he inherited from his father and grandfather. I have an ok photo but despite several hours of searching(probably in the wrong corners of the internet) I have been unable to identify two of them. Was hoping someone could help me identify the central two medals in the left image. http://imgur.com/a/KLOsX

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from Robert Haycroft RSS Feed https://www.reddit.com/r/Military/comments/6nrt4o/hi_redditors_can_you_help_me_identify_these/
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