Violence towards recruiters?

it’s not a knife it’s a tactical flashlight

I’m lucky in that I had a great recruiter. Didn’t lie about anything, gave me great job choices, and smoothed out a wrinkle with medical very quickly and easily.

If you listen to Reddit and AWTFM (which you really shouldn’t, at least not exclusively) you’d think all recruiters are lying backstabbing pricks with a moral compass that looks like a black hole. This is obviously inaccurate, but I can believe there’s some truth to it.

I have to think that with the amount of doublespeak and obfuscation that some recruiters do, there must be occasional instances where service members come home on leave for the first time after confronting reality juxtaposed with the fantasy they were given and at least confront their recruiter if not actually take violent action. Does this happen? Is this something talked about in recruiting school? Just curious. Maybe I’m more pessimistic about humans than I should be.

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