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Real men carry a blade!

Sorry if this is the wrong sub but I don’t know where else to ask for this particular question so here it goes.

So, my grandpa has a bunch of medals and patches and ribbons from World War 2 and the Korean War. I was told my grandpa didn’t talk about his time in the two wars and I’m very interested in WWII history and would like to know what he did. He passed away when i was 1 and my grandma is currently 95 years old and has mild dementia now, even when i was younger i would ask her about the medals on her wall and she would say he didnt like to talk about them.

Is it possible to trace any paper work or find out specifically what he did to earn them, where he was stationed…etc? The only picture i have of him during wartime is of him standing at a .50 caliber machine gun mounted with sandbags.

On a side note, the last name is misspelled on the medals, not sure if that hurts the search or what

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