How deep does a TS clearance go? Can the military ever find out about my old deviantart

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I told the MEPs that I have no mental illness history and my recruiter said that I can get any job I want because I have an ASVAB score of 98. I wanted to be an linguist which I think requires a TS clearance.

I didn’t think about it but now that I remember, I am getting sweaty and nervous. I wasn’t diagnosed with any mental illness but I was brought to the highschool counselor when I was 14 because my friend gave our english teacher my deviantart website (she wanted someone who can draw) and I was called to the school therapist immediately. This was in conservative Tennessee and they thought I was sexually abused or something because I drew anime and hentai and our teacher saw it. That was 5 years ago and my deviantart is still up, and I used my real name on it because I thought I was so good at drawing and I was an edgy teen. I even drew my crush’s (who I met at anime club) favorite character for her birthday only to realize that it’s from some gay manga and I forgot my deviantart password and can’t delete it. I also used to write so many whiny journals bitching about how our town sucks and I want to move to California.

Will the TS clearance find my deviantart and think I am some sexual deviant/mentally ill/depressed? Please help. If they bring it up what will happen and how do I tell them it was just a phase?

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