I fulfilled my obligation, why won’t the government (VA)?

Real men carry a blade!

Below are the major issues I have had with the VA with regard to health care. But this post is not just about me, as my issues are not uncommon. I previously worked at a county veteran service office where I listened to countless veterans’ struggles with getting the care they deserve. We need to share these stories so the public is informed and change can happen.

•Kidney trauma: I was over-prescribed medication for too long (surprise, it was Ibuprofen) and was told I would be okay because I was young. The same doctor who said this also dismissed symptoms of kidney trauma that were caused by this medication (I woke up every night every hour or two to urinate a small amount for over a year – polyurea; this caused subsequent issues such as low energy, fatigue, and depression) and it wasn’t until my yearly blood work did they discover that my kidneys were functioning at 50%.

•Chiropractic care: Twice was approved but never went through. Once was approved and processed but the business was never paid and I subsequently had to stop going.

•Tests: I have had 2 fasting labs lost and 1 x-ray lost. I had a Tuberculosis Test performed on a Thursday or Friday and since they would not be open when you are supposed to assess the skin, the nurse told me to take a picture of it and let them know.

•Misdiagnosis: I began experiencing the following symptoms in 2013 and they were pretty much dismissed until 2016 (they would order a few tests and then check up in 3-6 months; rinse and repeat): unexpected and unexplained weight loss of 30 pounds, fatigue, migraines, dramatic drop in fitness levels, muscle pain, joint pain, sensitivity to light/sound/activity, night sweats, excessive sweating in general, and many more. I am now close to a diagnosis but only because my sister has similar issues and here condition is genetic and familial. In 2014, I was extremely ill and went to the emergency room for care. The doctors put me on an IV for dehydration and did a throat culture. They had 2 responses: was I on hard core drugs and I should get a flu shot next time. After months of recovering, my primary tested for mononucleosis and I tested positive for having it in the past, of which this was the only time I’ve ever presented symptoms of Mono. This was especially important since I was teaching students at that time.

•Overall treatment: My doctors have consistently dismissed many of my symptoms, making them feel irrelevant or that I was overexaggerating. I even had one doctor put me on antidepressants because he thought that was causing my issues, which was not the case.

After filing a claim against my primary doctor (who was rude, argumentative, condescending, and dismissive), I was seen by a patient advocate who basically said: “what do you want out of this complaint?” I didn’t feel like they were advocating on my behalf. After changing my primary doctor, my future appointments were still being made with that that individual which caused me to cancel the appointment and wait another few months to see someone. This is after waiting a few months for the initial cancelled appointment.

Ridiculous wait times, even when I was the first appointment of the day.

Because the VA Health Care System is fragmented, each time I have moved I have had to schedule an initial appointment to go over all my health, which took time to schedule, and then had to wait additional time for my first appointment with my primary.

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keeps a lot of blood flowing my muscles are growing

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