Looking for a research paper on the DPRK. It compared a hypothetical military strike with the military success during the first gulf war.

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I’m looking for a research article I found online a couple years ago. I cannot remember who published it (RAND, DOD, STRAFOR, etc.) but it was a great paper and really relevant.

The article was comparing a theoretical military in North Korea against the first Gulf War against the Iraqi army. The article discussed the artillery capabilities of the DPRK and potential casualty estimations in South Korea. It discussed our air to ground capabilities and the DPRK’s surface to air capabilities. It compared the military hardware of the DPRK to the Iraqi army. If I remember correctly it estimated max ceiling of civillians artillery deaths in south korea would be around 100,000.

The most memorable part of the article was it discussing that our airforce manged to wipe out about 2% of the Iraqi army’s (air force, surface to air defences, scud missiles, tanks??? can’t remember) per day.

I know this is vague and not a ton to go off of but if anyone finds it I would be super thankful. It certainly wasn’t classified as I am a civilian and I’m nearly certain it was free.


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