What is the likelihood of the US being able to shoot down a nuke from North Korea?

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I’m really skeptical of this. My brother was in the Navy as a sonar tech and he talks about how we’re so advanced like we’re unstoppable but I beg to differ. I’ve asked him if we would be able to shoot down a nuke and he said without a doubt that it would be out of the sky before it even reached space.

I’ve never served in the military, but plan to enlist in the Air Force once I graduate High School in December.

Anyways, is my brother complete bullshit or being bluntly honest? He also told me the military technology is like 50 years more advanced than the civilian world.

The reason I’m skeptical of us being able to shoot down a nuke is because of every article I read saying it is possible to shoot one down but it is very hard and even though the US has the best anti-missile defense system in the world, it’s far from perfect.

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