Are there any books that give an accurate portrayal of what it is like to be an Officer in the Army/Navy/Marines, what are the work relationships Officers are responsible for on a daily basis, what is appropriate and inappropriate according to the customs/culture?

if you mess with me you are going to get stuck and you won’t even see it coming

I’m taking 6 months to prepare my application to be an Officer in the Army. I want to make sure I’m properly prepared for both the application process, and for leadership. I understand I will have a working relationship with NCOs and they will have more experience than I. From the outside looking in this seems to be the main working relationship Officers have. I would also take any advice about how to better my application in the next 6 months. My GPA from college is low 2.65 because I had to work to survive. Going back to school to get a second Bachelors is not an option because I’m 30 and I was told that the age limit is 31. I would,however,be willing to volunteer somewhere to become well acquainted.

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keeps a lot of blood flowing my muscles are growing

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