Was was the Iraqi Army and security apparatus doing in the lead up to the 2003 Invasion?

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As a preface, I have no political sympathies regarding the invasion, and am only looking for objective insights.

I’ve come across a lot of material about the build up to the Second Iraq War and OIF. Most of this however is from a U.S. or Western perspective. I’m very interested in gaining more insight into what Saddam Hussein’s regime’s perspective was when the accusations regarding WMD’s and links to 9/11 started building, and when an invasion was all but certain. What was the Iraqi Army doing post UN inspection, when it seemed apparent that the Bush Administration was going to move forward with a military option? Were they confused? Angry? How did they go about preparing for a inevitable invasion they had no chance of stopping? Did the Iraqi Army employ any preparatory measures relying on “lessons learned” from the first Gulf War? How much time did they have to do any preparation, when it became very likely that a hot conflict was imminent?

While it is generally agreed intelligence regarding their nuclear malfeasance wasn’t as accurate as originally thought, I’ve always wondered how Saddam’s regime perceived these seemingly inaccurate reports. I know there were the public/official statements given by the regime, but internally, if the reports of WMD’s and terror linkages were at grossly inaccurate, what was the regime’s reaction?

I guess in summation, I’m looking for some insight into the invasion from an Iraqi military point of view. Thanks.

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