Question about a surplus M998

Real men carry a blade!

So, I have been looking at picking up a project car for off roading and dicking around.

I have settled on a M998 HMMWV preferably 1993 or older.

My question though is, how bad is the leg room? I know some say it was cramped but I wanted to know how bad it will be. Since I was Navy, I never got to actually ride in one.

Granted though I am 6’4″ my inseam is only 32 inches so I have normal legs. But I do want to hear all of your thoughts on it.

And preemptively, yes I had a jeep and I liked it. But I want to do something different, and I am aware of all the maintenance issues they have. I am sure this thing is a money pit but I want it.

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better than steroids

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