Help Identifying My Grandpa’s Badges/Ribbons

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Hello /r/military!

My Grandpa was in the US Air Force during the Vietnam War. He talked about his stories of his military experience constantly, it was all he talked about. Sadly, he passed away over a week ago due to health complications.

We still have his full uniforms, with all the badges and ribbons (I’m sorry if they’re just ribbons or just badges, I don’t know much about military awards and medallions). And I would love for you guys to identify what these actually mean.

I know Reddit is all about proof, sadly I didn’t take these pictures with my Reddit name on a piece of paper. But you’re more than welcome to reverse image search to prove their authenticity if need be. You may also ask any questions if you’re in any kind of doubt that these images belong to me.

Images of his badges and ribbons

Thank you for anyone who wishes to identify them for me and my family, since we don’t know anything about this stuff either!

And thank you for those enlisted for your military service!

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