Why the Fuck Do Some Soldiers Marry Women They Meet Overseas Who Don’t Speak English?

it’s not a knife it’s a tactical flashlight

I’ve never been able to fathom why some military members end up marrying women they meet overseas who literally can’t speak a single word of English. How can you have any type of deep and meaningful relationship with someone who you can’t have a conversation with? Communication is essential to every aspect of life; what would be the rationale for marrying someone who you can’t interact with? I understand that it sucks, and it’s extremely lonely, when you’re stationed far away from home, and I totally get the allure of getting your dick wet in a “no-strings attached” situation in a foreign country. I’m fucking flabbergasted and perplexed though by soldiers marrying women who don’t speak their native tongue. How could you possible discern if this person would be a good spouse for you when you literally can’t understand a damn word that escapes their lips? Why would a soldier marry a foreigner when it’s so easy for a soldier to get laid and married in the US? There are a shitload of women who hang out around the bars near bases who desperately want to marry a GI for his benefits, free housing, etc. Wearing a military uniform makes you a pussy magnet! What does a foreigner, who can’t speak English, offer you that an American girl can’t?

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