[Academic] The Effects of Personality, Gender and Cognitive Ability on Career Type in the US (US citizens, and current & former residents; US Military Veterans who did not receive an honorable discharge)

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A CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS (survey 2 of 2 in study):

I am looking for participants to take part in an anonymous online study that explores the effects of personality, intelligence, gender on careers in the US.

**Participants who meet the criteria for the survey will be provided a detailed personality report and a chance to win one of five $50.00 Amazon electronic gift cards. **

Participation Criteria: You must meet one of the following: • US Citizen • Live(d) in the US • Work(ed) in the US (any status) • Attend(ed) school in the US Note: If you took the survey entitled “The Effects of Personality, Gender and Cognitive Ability on Career Type in the US”, you are not eligible for this study.

This survey takes 20-30 minutes to complete, and your responses are anonymous. The collected data will be randomised prior to analysis to protect participant anonymity.

This study is for my dissertation in MSc Psychology of Individual Differences at the University of Edinburgh. If you have any questions, please email me (Kat Cary; s1625059@sms.ed.ac.uk) or my supervisor, Dr Alex Weiss (alex.weiss@ed.ac.uk).

This study has been approved by the University of Edinburgh’s Psychological Research ethics committee (Ref No. 257-1617/10).


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