Active Air Force/TN National Guard Marriage Question.

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My fiancée is in the TN Army National Guard, and I’m planning to go into the Air Force. Is there anyway to break her contract after we get married for her to come with me and not be obligated to do her drill weekends in another state possibly.

She has 3.5 years left in her contact, and we will be married by the time this process gets rolling. I understand the National Guard and the Military are two separate entities, but what are my options for her?

She has gone through her chain of command and so far no one had been able to help her. The closest answer she’s gotten is she can go IRR for a year while I go through basic, training, and get my first assignment. That doesn’t exactly fix the problem.

Worse case scenario, she comes with me and has to fly to TN once a month for drill.

So, what are her options?

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