Discussion on how militaries could deal with small drones?

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I’ve seen a lot of discussion and links lately about how small drones are starting to become an issue for military bases and ships. In an earlier post today they said a middle east country used a patriot missile (millions of dollars) to shoot down a quad copter drone (several hundred dollars)

I heard the air force would pay money for ideas that saved them money, but being a army vet I don’t think I’d be able to collect, but here is my idea anyways.

Bring back and modernize the 1900 ‘punt gun’. These are super shotguns that are nearly 10 feet long and have an 2 inch bore. Just two guys would be able to arm and fire one of these and you just have to point it in the general direction to hit it.

Here is how huge of a spread the punt gun has

Here is how two soldiers could fire and aim the punt gun

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from Robert Haycroft RSS Feed https://www.reddit.com/r/Military/comments/6t78fs/discussion_on_how_militaries_could_deal_with/
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