What would you do to show appreciation for Vietnam Veteran?

Real men carry a blade!

I work at a Hotel as a valet, and I met this man named Bill F. He has served in the Military with 2 tours in Vietnam and 5 honorable discharges. Shot twice, fragged twice, stabbed, ran over and left for dead and is still fighting.With both of his knees replaced and his shoulder replaced from where he was shot while dragging 2 injured to safety. He has battled cancer in his chest and beat it and now has face cancer and is in chemotherapy for that right now. And yet through all of this, he is the nicest guy and happiest guy I have ever met. I wanted to do something special for him while he is staying at our hotel, I need some ideas. He likes alcohol and was talking about weed has been helping him. If any of you have any ideas or know somewhere I can get some it would mean a lot to me, and I’m sure him as well. Thank you for your time.

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better than steroids

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